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We provide comprehensive Information Technology solutions for home-users and small businesses. Based in Ashtown, Dublin 15, we provide IT support to the local community as well as all over North Dublin.

Established in 2008, F1 IT Solutions has gone from strength to strength, building up a large customer base over the last few years.

Our staff have over 10 years experience in the IT industry in areas including technical support, tuition, web design, software design, and network administration. We are on the FÁS register of trainers and hold certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA.

F1 IT Solutions pride themselves on providing honest, down-to-earth, affordable, and friendly IT support for home-users and small businesses. We believe in customer before computer, that the customer rapport is as important as the computer repair.

Our services include:

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Computer Repairs

Internet issues? Windows worries? PC problems? Notebook nightmares?

F1 are serious about solutions. We have solved literally thousands of technical issues over the last decade. We’d love to say we’ve seen it all, but there’s always something out there that surprises us! Nonetheless, we pride ourselves on finding solutions to every problem we’ve ever encountered. Below are just some of the problems we can help you with:

And much, much more…

Rogue Traders, Beware!

We know the market is saturated with cowboys claiming to be able to repair computer issues. We’ve heard many horror stories over the years of customers who have given their computer to a friend of a friend who claims to be a whizz at computers, only to have the computer returned with all their files deleted and certain things not working like they used to! Unfortunately, there are a few too many techies out there without a qualification to their name and who think that simply because they know how to install an illegitimate copy of Windows on a PC makes them capable of repairing all manner of technical issues. At F1, our technicians are fully qualified with over ten years experience in the industry, so you can feel reassured that your computer is in safe hands.

“No Fix, No Fee”, eh?

We understand that times are tough at the moment which is why we always try to do what’s best for our customer, not what’s best for our pocket. Unlike most companies who claim to offer a “no fix, no fee” promise, we at F1 believe it’s not a case of whether the issue can be resolved but whether it is worth you paying for a repair instead of putting that money towards a new purchase. We offer honest, straightforward advice and always put our customer’s best interests first. We can assess the issue and give realistic options to help the customer decide on the best course of action.

“See you later…much later”

At F1, we don’t get offended when customers don’t come back! That just means we’ve done our job right. But should you need us, we’re always there. Our rates are extremely competitive and we doubt you’ll find any other company providing the same service for less.

So call us today and see for yourself!

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Computer Upgrades

Out with the old?

There is a common misconception that the life span of any computer is 2-3 yrs.

In actual fact, the life span of a computer is defined by the work it can carry out to the requirements of it’s user. Simply put, if you have a computer that is 7 years old and you only use it for the Internet, then the computer is by no means obsolete. However, if you are a gamer who enjoys keeping up with the latest game releases, then you may find that your 3 year old computer is becoming a little dated and unable to cope with the demands of the modern game.

Whatever your requirements, it may be a wiser investment to simply upgrade the individual component that is no longer able to perform to your expectations.

The most common upgrade is memory. Memory is required to carry out the running of all programs while the computer is switched on. The more memory you have, the more programs you will be able to run at the same time without a drop in performance. However, a lack of memory is easily identified by a sluggish computer. If you find that it takes an age for the computer to “warm up”, and that it takes forever to switch from one program to another (e.g. switching from the Internet to iTunes), then the computer will most likely benefit from extra memory. Memory modules cost around €50 and can be a relatively cheap fix to a common problem.

We can provide the following upgrades for PCs and laptops:

  • Extra memory
  • Hard drive
  • Replacing CD/DVD drive with DVD RW drive
  • Adding additional ports including USB, eSATA, SCSI
  • Improving the sound card
  • Upgrading the video adapter to cope with new games
  • Adding a floppy drive to a new system that has been shipped without one
  • Adding a modem to a new system
  • Adding wireless capability (both wifi and bluetooth)
  • Adding a longer life battery
  • Providing additional accessories such as carry cases, cooling pads etc.

An upgrade is a cheaper solution to buying a new system and can vastly improve the computers quality.

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Computer Sales

“Is a refurbished laptop a wise investment?”

This is the question you should be asking yourself when it’s time to move on from your outdated or problematic machine. So why buy refurbished? For the following reasons:

Cost: The average brand new laptop today can be purchased for as little as €300. However, what people fail to realise is that the cheaper the laptop, the lower the quality. For instance, cheap laptops are often shipped with slower CPUs (e.g. Intel Celeron & AMD Sempron), 1 or 2GB RAM and Windows 7 installed. What you’ll find after a while is a massive drop in performance due to a processor that is unable to cope with the demands of a large operating system and other software. For less than the price of the cheapest laptop, you can have a high spec refurbished system that will out-perform and potentially out-last the cheaper new models. Why? Because the refurbished systems were top of the range when new and due to the high quality components, these systems are still able to perform to a high standard in comparison to brand new cheap systems. Think of it as like buying a second-hand Mercedes, all the comfort and quality for a fraction of the cost due to the number of miles on the clock.

Service: A new laptop needs to be setup and this in itself can be a daunting task. When you buy from us, you can rely on first-class service. We personally check all models before handing them over and ensure they are functioning in their factory-like state. Most customers need certain programs installed and old files transferred across. They may also need the Internet setup and the printer configured. We can provide the full package, not just the product. All our models come with a 6 month hardware warranty, giving you peace of mind that the laptop has reliable parts. We can customise the system to your liking, adding more memory, installing a different operating system, a larger hard drive, or a longer lasting battery.

Durability: The IBM Thinkpad is notoriously ‘as tough as old boots’. It’s carbon fiber reinforced plastic or titanium composite cases, along with it’s metal hinges ensure it can withstand many screen mishaps that ordinary laptops could not handle. To date, we’ve never had to replace a cracked screen or broken hinge on an IBM model. Furthermore, the Thinkpad boasts an innovative spill-proof keyboard with underside drain-holes to help prevent that inevitable spillage leaking onto, and potentially destroying, the precious internal components.

Why IBM?

We only sell refurbished IBM Thinkpad models as, in our experience, they are the least problematic and therefore the wisest choice. We know what our customers want from a laptop; durability, speed, ergonomics, and quality and the IBM Thinkpad range ticks all those boxes. IBM sold it’s PC division to China-based company Lenovo in 2005, however this has not affected the ThinkPad’s reputation as a quality built product.

The Thinkpad is easily identifiable by it’s super-strong titanium casing, metal hinges, and of course the red pointing stick on the spill-proof keyboard. Most our models are either the T60 or T43 and include the following specs:

  • 14 inch or 15 inch TFT screen
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • 1-2GB RAM
  • Intel Centrino processor
  • WiFi ready
  • CDRW/DVD drive
  • 6 Cell battery
  • 60-80GB Hard Drive

Don’t believe us? Have a look at the following reviews of the Lenovo (IBM) ThinkPad T60 laptop:

Notebookreview.com review of T60

Notebookcheck.net review of T60

Our team are on hand to offer straightforward advice on what’s right for you. A refurbished laptop is not for everyone, and we are more than willing to advise you on purchasing a brand new machine (click on the IT Consultation link for more information). However, refurbished laptops can last as long as brand new models. We wouldn’t sell them if they weren’t reliable and IBM is a name you can trust.

Below are examples of the models we sell.

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IT Consultation

So Many Choices, So Little Time

We understand that buying new hardware can be a laborious task. Finding the right parts, knowing what is good quality, getting the best price, all involve research and time that can be spent doing more important jobs.

At F1, we can help your new or existing business purchase the right hardware and software for your needs. We get to the root of what your business requires to run smoothly and offer trustworthy advice on what to buy and where to get it. We’ll even kit the place out for you if you want!

We find from experience that companies waste a lot of money on equipment and systems they simply do not need. For instance, unnecessary servers, improper networking, elaborate printing facilities, and unneeded PC components. With our help, we ensure you only pay for what you need thus lowering your overheads.

Buying for yourself or a loved one? Why not call us for advice on what to buy? We’ll meet with you and explain in plain-English what is out there right now.


Call today on 086 237 4592

Software Solutions

There’s an app for that…

F1 IT Solutions have designed bespoke software applications that vastly improve the efficiency and productivity of small business employees and owners.

As Microsoft Office Specialists, we are able to create a custom made spreadsheet application for keeping track of accounts, expenditure, stock control or anything mathematical. We have saved businesses time and money by providing them with an IT system that replaces their inefficient and unreliable manual methods.

We have developed databases for companies to store customer details, appointment records, sales records, and staff details. Such systems have allowed companies to manipulate data at the click of a button, producing accurate reports on anything from staff productivity to customer loyalty. Such information has become invaluable to businesses in helping them target strengths and weaknesses in various areas of the company operations, and thus enabling their business to grow.

We can provide companies with a corporate image, designing a logo and a look to go with their business. We can create various letter templates with corporate letterheads that are consistent with their shop image. We can design business cards, fax templates, memos, and any other documentation your business might require.

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Training & Tuition

“Where’s the ‘any’ key?”

At F1 IT Solutions, we approach training from a fresh perspective. We understand you may probably never need to design a database or care about what RSS stands for. That’s why we provide tailored training to suit your needs. Most people don’t need a qualification in IT to be able to achieve what they want from their computer, so at F1 we identify rather than certify. Our FÁS registered, fully-qualified trainers are able to provide one-to-one tuition or group training to home-users and small businesses.


Quite often our customers have been sold systems from various retailers with more functionality than they’d ever know what to do with, and all at a much higher cost than necessary. Why not empower yourself with the knowledge of exactly what your computer is capable of?

We can call to home-users and provide friendly assistance on any area of IT they may be struggling to get to grips with. Most commonly we have delivered sessions on iTunes, Email, Internet, and file management.


These days, businesses need to be online and one of the fastest ways to do this is though social networking. Problem is, social networking requires continual attention and one or more staff members to look after it. We can show businesses just how easy it is to reach out to their customers through the power of social networking.

We can deliver short courses on social networking (Facebook, Twitter), email, e-commerce (Ebay, Paypal), downloading & uploading to the Internet, and file management to local businesses. Such tools are essential to any business in helping reach customers on a local, national and global scale.

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Video Editing

Precious memories…

In a world of digital media we all tend to get a little trigger happy when it comes to capturing a precious moment. Most of those happy snaps never see the light of screen ever again, trapped away in their hundreds on a tiny memory card. We at F1 want to help liberate those images, bringing them back to life through the power of video. Our creative team can revolutionise the dreaded holiday slideshow snaps into a short film worthy of any number of post-production Oscars. Our video slideshows transform any collection of photos – Christmas, Christenings, birthdays, special events – into a  more dynamic and interesting set, incorporating transition effects, music, and picture effects.

Film, much?

Have you got hours of footage from some special event that you just haven’t got the time or know-how to edit into a DVD movie? Then we can help! With only a shoestring budget, you can have your very own home-made movie boxed and ready to play on your home-entertainment system. Your footage will be transformed into a full length feature-film complete with opening and closing credits, soundtrack, special effects, and transitions. Want the director’s cut? No problem, we can edit to your liking. Our DVDs come packed with scene selection, menu graphics and sound, and as many special features as you desire.

Both video slideshows and movies can be burned to DVD, uploaded to YouTube or both.

Check out the clips below for just a taster of what we can do:

Birthday Movie Clip:

School Trip Music Video:

Football Video Slideshow:

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Web Design

“Are you on t’Internet?”

Any business, school, or organisation, no matter how small, needs to have an online presence. By having a website you are showcasing your professional portfolio to a global audience, 24-7-365.

Our staff work closely with the customer from inception to perfection.

Below are some examples of sites we have created. We currently use Word Press and Dreamweaver.


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What is F1?

F1 stands for help:

Ever needed to use the Function 1 key (F1) on your PC for help? Just like that magic key on your keyboard, F1 IT Solutions are synonymous with technical support. We can repair any PC hardware or software issues, in fact, we have yet to find a problem we cannot fix! But we don’t just stop at repairs. F1 provide training, bespoke software solutions, video editing, IT consultation, and web design. We can also upgrade your existing machine or help you purchase a new one. All we want to do is help.

F1 stands for speed:

Ever taken your PC to the local repair guy and wondered if you’d ever get it back? Not with F1! We aim to have your issues resolved quicker than a Formula 1 car around a race track. Our repairs are carried out onsite whenever possible, meaning you’re usually back up and running within a few hours. Appointments are usually made within 48hrs of first contact and 99% of repairs are completed within 5 days.

F1 stands for service:

Have you ever had to deal with the IT guy at work who has the personality of a floppy disk (square, unreliable, slow, and inflexible)? Not at F1! We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer satisfaction record. Our friendly staff are fully trained in customer service and communication skills and know what the modern customer expects.

F1 stands for flexibility:

Do you hate waiting in all day for that repair guy to call? Well at F1, we make the appointment work for you! We can repair on site, collect and return, or you can call to us! Whichever suits you best. We call at a time you request, not at some point between 8am and 6pm! And if for whatever reason we get delayed, we’ll always let you know asap.

Call today on 086 237 4592


“…very reasonable price…”

“F1 IT Solutions was recommended to us by another local crèche to install Internet security on all our PC’s. We found Tristan to be excellent at his job, very reasonable price for the work carried out and we were very happy that he was from the local area thus supporting the local business around our town. We would have no hesitation in forwarding on our recommendation and we will definitely be calling on him again.”
Bridget Kennedy, Manager, ‘Croí na nÓg’ Rathkeale Community Childcare Ltd, Rathkeale, Co Limerick

“…efficient and punctual…”

“All in all I must say that I have found F1 IT Solutions to be very efficient and punctual. They always managed to sort out several problems with my computer in no time at all. Whether it was showing me how to download songs properly onto my ipod, helping me to choose the correct antivirus programme, or just getting the computer up and going again. I would have no hesitation in recommending them, and have done to many of my friends already.”
Teresa Hayes, Rathkeale, Co Limerick

“Having F1 at the end of the line for advice & support is invaluable.”

I’ve known Tristan a couple of years now. I actually got to know of him the best way, through a referral. His simple, no nonsense, no jargon or tech speak approach really suits me. He set up my two sites www.irishartcourier.com & www.fragilepack.ie with just the bare brief from me. Having F1 at the end of the line for advice & support is invaluable. I continuously pass his name to people like me who need solid advice & a solution to their computer problems. When I need a new laptop I’ll be going through Tristan for his guidance, impartial advice & backup service.
Joe Murphy, Proprietor, Irish Art Courier, Broadford, Co Limerick

“…very approachable…excellent service…prompt…first class…”

“Firstly we at Kilmeedy Childcare LTI have found that Tristan at F1 IT Solutions very approachable. They provide excellent service , are cost effective and prompt. Their problem solving is again great and dealing with specialist problems on our computers has been first class. We would highly recommend your services to all concerned.”
Helen O’Kelly, Co-ordinator, Kilmeedy Childcare LTI, Co Limerick

“…extremely helpful…recommended F1 to many of our friends…”

“We initially called F1 IT Solutions when we had some problems with our last computer and found them to be extremely helpful, punctual (there was no waiting around for them to show up!!), and very patient in answering and dealing with any questions or queries we had, no matter how basic they were.
When we wanted to purchase a laptop we again contacted F1 and they were able to provide us with a refurbished IBM Thinkpad laptop which has proved to be an excellent and very reasonable buy.  They also set up our Internet and printer on the new laptop. We have had no trouble with it and with two college going students in the house the laptop has proved to be invaluable.
We have recommended F1 to many of our friends and will definitely be contacting them again if ever we have any further trouble or are considering upgrading our laptop.”
Matt Ryan, Newtownshandrum, Co Cork

“…amazed…software solutions that make work easier.”

I run a busy bakery business and until a few years ago I had been spending hours hand-writing hundreds of daily invoices and orders for our many customers. I contacted F1 for a solution and they knew exactly what I needed and were able to explain in non-technical terms what a software program could do for my business. I am amazed at how easy and efficient my tailor-made software program is. It was certainly one of the smartest business investments I’ve ever made and I would urge other bakeries and businesses to get advice from F1 about software solutions that make work easier.”
Damien White, Proprietor, Deel Bakery, Rathkeale, Co Limerick 

“…extremely competent…excellent tutor…”

“I have known Tristan for the past number of years and have availed of his professional services on a number of occasions. I have found him to be extremely competent in all aspects of computer/Internet related work. He is also an excellent tutor on computer software applications.”
William F. Dillon, Askeaton, Co Limerick

“…reliable…no surprises in relation to cost…”

“We run a small business in county Limerick and we have used F1 IT Solutions many times. They are very reliable, trustworthy and excellent at their job and there will be no surprises in relation to cost. I am more than happy to recommend F1 IT Solutions and feel free to contact me for further information.”
Marion Morrissey, Managing Director, Safe Aid Training Ltd, Co Limerick

“…patient tuition…friendly and obliging…”

“I have been very pleased with the work F1 has done for me. They have fixed my PC in next to no time, provided patient tuition when I needed help transferring and editing my pictures, and created a stunning video slideshow for our sports event, all at very reasonable prices. They are always friendly and obliging and I know I can call on them anytime for help.”
F. Sheehan,  Co Limerick

“…fast and dependable…refreshingly honest.”

“Over the last few years our business has called upon F1 IT Solutions for support with various issues including resolving problems with our Exchange server, network issues, TMS issues, and PC hardware problems. We found their service to be fast and dependable, and their advice is refreshingly honest. We are happy to recommend F1 to other businesses.”
John Geary, Manager, Gearys Garage, Co Limerick

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